Tread Perilously

Audio from our Long Beach Comic Con Panel, featuring Clint Wolf, Sarah Madden, Justin Robinson and Louis Allred. Erik moderates a look at four fine Yakmala films -- that is, films of questionable quality, but entertaining nonetheless -- Ninja Thunderbolt, Shanty Tramp, TalHotBlond and Song of the Blind Girl. Plots are discussed. Favorite scenes are described. Yakmala is defined and Justin once again reveals his love of Lifetime movies.

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Tread Perilously Grab Bag: Star Trek DS9 - Meridian

Taking a break from series, Erik and Justin reach into the grab bag and tread Star Trek: Deep Space Nine perilously with the Season 3 episode "Meridian."

Dax falls in love with a man who is only corporeal for a few days every sixty years. She ends up choking in space. Quark tries to model Major Kira for a special private holosuite porn program.

No joke.

The discussion leads to sexual mores of the 24th Century, the lack of Latino representation in sci-fi and praise for The Flash's Cisco Ramon. Justin and Erik also admit to a certain level of Trekiness, even if neither one watched much Voyager or Enterprise.

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Tread Who Perilously Series 2: Episode 8

Erik and Justin tread Who safely with two episodes from the Matt Smith era. First, Justin witnesses the Eleventh Doctor's first day on the job in "The Eleventh Hour," then, the Doctor and Amy visit with Vincent Van Gogh in "Vincent and the Doctor." Both Justin and Erik stumble on the pronunciation of "Van Gogh," Justin gets distracted by Karen Gillan and Erik tries to explain why he doesn't hate writer Stephen Moffat, despite having a number of criticisms about his work. Justin offers his series finale Capaldi scale totals and we prepare for a one-week stop at Deep Space Nine.

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New Satellite Show Episode 28: Because Want To

After a month's hiatus, the Panel of Experts reconvenes for an hour's worth of discussion on the following topics: Force Friday and The Force Awakens, the changes at Marvel Studios, Justin's hate of Billie Piper and Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis.

Also: the Satellite Show will be at Long Beach Comic Con for the "Best Worst Movies (You've Never Heard Of)" panel on Sunday, Sept. 13th at 11:30AM in Room 101B. We'll be taking a look at four specific films that are worthy of the same fame as "The Room" or "Troll 2." Which four? Come to the panel and find out.

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Tread Who Perilously Series 2: Episode 7

Erik and Justin's next stop in their televisual adventures brings them to 1978 and the Fourth Doctor's first Greek myth-inspired story, "Underworld." The Doctor and Leela help the Minyans aboard starship R1C find the P7E, missing in space for 100,000 years. It becomes unclear if its the past or the future as riffs on Jason, the Sword of Damocles and other Greek myths chase our heroes around miniature sets. Justin reacts to one of the most budget-compromised episodes yet and Erik (weakly) defends his choice to call this a Minotaur episode. Leela is placed on the companion scale. K9 continues his top ranking, despite slow rolls down corridors in this story. And Justin blames John Nathan-Turner for everything, including Stephen Moffat running the current show.

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Tread Who Perilously Series 2: Episode 6

Erik and Justin's latest stop brings them to 2005 and the first season of the revived Doctor Who. Unfortunately, it means Justin must confront Rose once again as the Doctor confronts the Family Slitheen from Raxacoricofallapatorius. Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North, makes her first appearance and Justin nearly falls asleep during part 1 of the story. Erik and Justin discuss Rose's audience appeal while Justin rates Christopher Eccelston on the Capaldi scale. Local police stop by and aliens fart.

But at least Peri wasn't in this.

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Welcome to Episode 6 of "Yeah, Leave It Here." Today's movie is 2006's The Devil Wears Prada. We discuss how useless the romantic subplots are, how Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci (and Emily Blunt) steal the movie from everyone else, and you'll learn about our wedding vows. Also: Simon Baker plays a sentient bag of dicks.

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Erik and Justin's journey through time and space bring them to 1969 and the world of the Gonds, conquered by the crystalline Krotons. Erik finally introduces his favorite Doctor to Justin while Justin finds himself quite appreciative of Zoe and Jaime bumbles about with a crowbar. The Gond revolution doesn't go so well and the Krotons wear metal skirts. Wavering 1960s BBC production values are discussed and the Doctor Batmans out of the situation.

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Erik and Justin's travels through space and time bring them back to the 1980s and Justin's least favorite period: the John Nathan-Turner era. This week's tale, "Time and the Rani" sees the Doctor regenerate into one of the Istari, a rival Time Lord immediately cosplay as the Doctor's companion and chicken lizard people running with the arm precariously behind their backs. Justin ranks Sylvester McCoy on the Capaldi Scale, Erik reveals he finds Bonnie Langford appealing and both discuss the problem of useless companions. Justin still can't recall Martha Jones by name.

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Welcome to Episode 5 of "Yeah, Leave It Here." Today's elite movie is 1995's Hackers, the Ninetiesest movie that ever Ninetiesed. Did you know that when you hack a computer, math happens? We didn't either! Also, discussions about the prevalence of rollerblading, tunnels full of circuitry, and how Fisher Stevens does not make a frightening villain. And you get to learn our hacker names!


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