Tread Perilously

Erik and Justin continue their travels through time with a stop in that most dire of eras, early 80s England. Justin discovers what happens when the Doctor wears decorative celery and Erik recalls the number of script editors who passed on today's story, "Time-Flight." Fashions are discussed, technobabble is vomited by the players and Justin re-orders his "Worst of Who" list. The Master continues to be ill-served and Erik tries to defend Peter Davison as one thing becomes clear: Justin hates producer John Nathan-Turner.

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New Satellite Show Episode 27: Justin Saw Ant Man

The group discusses the new Marvel film as Justin declares that he has seen "Ant Man" to everyone's disbelief. Rob stops by to discuss the "In Your Faith" panel at Comic-Con. Erik also tries to talk about the Klingon Lifestyles Presentation. A return to Denmark is aborted and Justin reveals his displeasure with "Ready Player One." This month's Yakmala film is "Superman III." Host: Erik. Panel: Rob, Bryn, Clint, Justin.

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It was a little late coming, but welcome to Episode 4 of "Yeah, Leave It Here." Today's movie is 1998's Ever AfterListen as we discuss such diverse topics as British accents, wall tennis, and Elizabeth Taylor's "White Diamonds." Also, we insult the Belgians.

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Erik and Justin return for a second series through time and space with Paul McGann's only full-length outing as the Doctor, 1996's "Doctor Who: The TV Movie." Justin discovers what happens when the Doctor finds himself in a backdoor pilot for Fox. Eric Roberts hams it up as the Master and we dissect why this is pilot failed to bring "Doctor Who" to the US. McGann's Doctor becomes a favorite and the TARDIS console room is a highlight. Justin takes a quiz on the vital Time Lord plot points in the movie and Erik recalls the time when it seemed there would never be more "Doctor Who" on TV.

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RECORDED LIVE AT COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO! The full panel audio of our 2015 appearance at SDCC! Marvel as Adam discusses the legacy of Jack Chick! Witness Justin Robinson acquire the power to command boars! Thrill as Reverend John Polite finds the lighter side of faith-based comics! Our discussion of Christian comics takes us through the works of Jack Chick and Al Hartley, but it will hardly be the last time we discuss the topic. Moderator: Jessica Tseang. Panel: Rob, Erik, Justin, Clint. Special Guests: Adam Sand, Nick Marino and Reverend John Polite.

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Welcome to Episode 3 of "Yeah, Leave It Here." Today's movie is 1998's Practical Magic. Hear us talk about witches and curses and tequila and Dianne Wiest and why Queta loves this movie so. Also, how hot was Nicole Kidman in this? (Spoiler: pretty damn hot.) And hear Queta pitch a show to HGTV.

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Welcome to Episode 2 of "Yeah, Leave It Here." Today's movie is 2011's Crazy Stupid Love. SEE a bunch of different plots that add up to little in the way of real consequences! MARVEL at Josh Groban being a shitbag before he actually became a shitbag! WONDER to yourself: "Was that Kevin Bacon?" Also, Queta comes up with an idea for a companion film to this movie.

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