Tread Perilously

At long last, Erik experiences an episode of Justin's beloved Friday Night Lights. Unfortunately for him, it's the second season premiere, "Last Days of Summer," featuring Jesse Plemons as Beavis and Butthead, Kyle Chandler from Morning Edition and Adrianne Palicki from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The plot revolves around Mark's attempts to get his quasi-girlfriend to come with him to a party and Jesse Plemons' attempts to get with Palicki. There's also a murder, two families in crisis, a baptism and a cameo by Tim Riggins.

Justin defends his love for the show and deciphers Erik's slanted opinion of the show from watching its worst episode. Photography, network meddling and the angelic grace of Palicki are discussed as well.

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Recorded live at Long Beach Comic Expo! The Panel of Experts convenes to talk about some of the best worst movies around. This time, they took a look at what happens when the director of a classic martial arts film, a Realtor, a guy who really wants to see his kid in the pictures and a cable channel stumble over their intents. The group also discusses the origin of the term "Yakmala" and what makes for a Yakmala moment in a terrible-yet-entertaining movie. The movies reviewed include Gymkata, Double Down, Time Master and Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret. Moderator: Erik. Panel: Louis, Sarah, Clint, Justin.

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Tread Perilously -- Star Trek TNG: Genesis

Tread Perilously responds to its first listener request! Back when Erik and Justin took on the second season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Royale," several Bleeding Cool readers suggested the late seventh season episode "Genesis." Boy, did it turn out to be a worthy episode for review.

Barclay's hypochondria leads to a virus on board the Enterprise which causes the crew to devolve. Data and Picard, safely off-ship when the outbreak occurred, must find a solution before a primitive Worf tries to mate with an amphibious Troi and Picard turns into a marmoset.

Erik and Justin revel in Worf's lack of basic competence in the first act and the extreme senioritis present throughout the episode. They also consider the lasting influence of Ronald D. Moore, Riker's sex-offender status, Troi's position as a bridge officer and the difficult time Gene Roddenberry had in introducing an executive officer character. Also, writer Brannon Braga may not have understood Star Trek.

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Tread Perilously makes its first foray into that stalwart series of the supernatural -- The X-Files. Erik and Justin take on the season seven episode "Fight Club," featuring two Kathy Griffins, Sergeant Michaels from 7th Heaven and the belief that wrestling is real. Mulder and Scully get called to Kansas City when two field agents and a couple of Mormons (or Jehova's Witnesses) inexplicably try to kill each other. It leads to ill-defined ideas about doppelgangers and fraternal siblings with psychic powers.

Erik and Justin recall what Fox looked like in its early years with its reliance on three good shows and many short-lived series featuring Paul Rudd. Both admit to being into the UFO phenomenon in their youths and while one likes The X-Files because of it, the other is rather lukewarm on the program.

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Tread Perilously -- 7th Heaven: ... And a Nice Chianti

Tread Perilously returns to Glen Oak, CA this week with another episode of 7th Heaven. In fact, it was Erik's first episode of the series when it aired in 1998; which he is all-too gleeful to mention. While Reverend Camden tries to help a woman who lost her son in an accident and a pregnant teen, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie decide to take the school bus. Matt's car if briefly stolen and menace is personified by mute Hispanic kids.

For Erik, it's an opportunity to explain his fascination with the series and its Jack Webb-esque world view. For Justin, it is a nostalgic trip to his Jr. High alma mater. And though he tries to wrap his head around the show, Justin continues to recoil in terror as the saccharine gets dumped in by the bagful.

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