Tread Perilously

The lighter side of religious extremism continues as the group discusses the upcoming Comic-Con Panel, Satanist Missionaries on the streets of Hollywood and Chick Tracts. Rob discusses the loss of a friend because marriage is now available to all. Facing the Duggars takes a surprise turn as Josh comes home and the Buzzer watches over us all. Host: Rob. Guests: Justin, Clint, Kami, Erik

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Tread Who Perilously: Episode 4

Erik and Justin conclude their first series of Tread Who Perilously with "The Horns of Nimon" a story from the classic series Erik has called "the worst Doctor Who story." Does he still think that's true? Justin praises Romana and rates the companions he's seen so far. Douglas Adams' involvement in the story is examined as all praise be to the Nimon. Saldeed becomes one of our favorite villains and Justin tries to wrap his head around the utter lunacy. But, what's in the distance for Series 2? Is there a Time-Flight? A Rani episode? The TV Movie? Time will tell ... it always does.

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Tread Who Perilously: Episode 3

Erik and Justin's adventure in space and time continues with two episodes from the New Series: the David Tennant era stories "Fear Her" and "42." Erik reverses his position on which is worse. Justin dubs Rose an Ogron. Martha is poorly served as she runs through corridors and the Doctor and Rose slowly stroll about a depressing London suburb. Also, Erik explains why David Tennant ended up his least favorite Doctor ... well, sort of.

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New Satellite Show Episode 26: Eradicated From the System

A smaller panel of experts gets to the nitty-gritty on banning comics from college literature classes and Game of Thrones. The Dukes of Hazard gets a passing name-check when considering continuity and burning crosses. Bryn takes the fathering seat when education comes up and Justin gives a sneak peak on an upcoming book. This month's Yakmala movie is the 90-minute pilot of 1979's television blunder, "Supertrain." Host: Erik. Panel: Bryn, Clint, Justin.

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Welcome to another new podcast under the Sateliite Show umbrella, "Yeah, Leave It Here." Hosted by Louis and Queta, it's a discussion on the various movies they (usually Queta) find themselves watching over and over again on TV. First up is the inspiration for this podcast, the 2009 Nora Ephron double-biopic Julie and Julia. Why did they make two different movies, and why should we care about the second one? Also, is Chris Messina a thing? Listen and find out!

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Tread Who Perilously: Episode 2

Erik and Justin continue their travels in time and space, landing in 1985 and watching the Colin Baker era story "Timelash." Written by Glen McCoy and produced by John Nathan-Turner, it is considered by many -- including -- to be the single worst Doctor Who story. Is it? Find out as Justin and Erik discuss terrible fashion, awful sets and a standout performance by an actor from Blake's 7. Oh, and there's alien snake puppets in this.

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Rob takes hosting duties on a new Satellite Show podcast looking at the lighter side of religious extremism. Topics include a grass eating congregation, a discussion of the Duggars which leads to a foul buzzer getting installed in the studio, and more. Host: Rob. Guests: Justin, Kami, Clint, Erik.

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Tread Who Perilously: Episode 1

Erik and Justin continue their exploration of television with an excursion into the lesser episodes of that sci-fi stalwart, "Doctor Who." Week one introduces Justin to the Jon Pertwee Doctor as they watch "Day of the Daleks," the TV version of a Doctor Who novelization Justin read as a pre-teen. The 70s are on display as the mustaches denote rank, greasy captains steal wine and the Daleks take too many pauses. Time paradoxes are discussed and Justin learns some of his preconceptions of the show are wrong.

Oh, and a stated pacifist shoots an Ogron.

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