Tread Perilously
New Satellite Show Episode 23: Wanna Try?

An episode meant to celebrate Supergirl's noncontroversial TV costume becomes a super-sized discussion of our final Best of Yakmala 2015 entry, "TalHotBlond." Clint rants about the upcoming NIMH remake/prequel while Sarah attempts to outline a new TV series about a ghost stripper trying to find a place to live. Supergirl's costume also gets discussed. Host: Erik. Panel of Experts: Justin, Sarah, Clint.

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You hear us discuss Yakmala movies every month, but in this special Long Beach Comic Expo appearance discover the secret origin of the word, what we think it means and the Yakmala movies that have stuck with us over the 9+ years we have gathered together to find movies of questionable quality and shout "Yakmala!" Recorded live at Long Beach Comic Expo. Moderator: Erik. Panel: Louis, Justin, Clint, Dante, Rob.

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