Tread Perilously
Tread Perilously -- Doctor Who: Death to the Daleks

Tread Perilously continues its adventure in time and space with the Jon Pertwee era Doctor Who story "Death to the Daleks." The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith find themselves on planet Exxilon out of power and out of answers. The Daleks also land on the planet, but also find themselves out of power. Turned into middle management, the Daleks order the natives and some marooned humans to mine an ore while the Doctor and a new friend learn the secrets of Exxilon's mysterious living city.

Erik and Justin discuss the odd similarities to "The Dominators," Pertwee's performance and both stories' slight case of senioritis. Terry Nation's strengths and weaknesses as a writer also get some examination. They plot the next big Dalek TV show: "Daleks of the Old West" and consider what happens when a Dalek becomes the boss of crusty gold prospectors. They also suggest the possibility that Nation was done with the Daleks when writing this story.

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Tread Perilously -- Doctor Who: The Dominators

Tread Perilously's Doctor Who adventure takes them to an irradiated island on planet Dulkis for the not-so-beloved Patrick Troughton story "The Dominators." When the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive for a day at the beach, they get involved in an alien invasion. While the pacifist Dulcians want to understand what the Dominators want, the cruel invaders will not talk. With their robot Quarks, they attempt to destroy the entire planet.

Erik and Justin continue to enjoy Troughton's Doctor and the wonderful Zoe. They also map an potential Dalek sitcom, call out the occasional period sexism in the story and continue considering perils of six-part stories (even if this story is a five-parter). Erik mentions the Quarks were an attempt to replace the Daleks and did we mention that Zoe is awesome?

Oh, and Justin finally admits he would watch Doctor Who outside of the podcast.

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With only a handful of days remaining before the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Erik takes the topic of the film off the Judy List. It leads to a discussion of tone, the Panel's feelings on director Zack Snyder, animated series based on cartoons and the perils of going grimdark. Host: Erik. Panel: Dawn, Clint

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Tread Perilously continues its return to Doctor Who as Erik and Justin face the First Doctor's six-part adventure "The Web Planet" and almost crack under the pressure. The Doctor, Barbara, Ian and Vicki arrive on Vortis, a planet overrun by the ant-like Zarbi. There is also an invading force of bee people known as the Menoptera, but who are the real rulers of the planet? And why does it take so long for anything to happen?

Justin and Erik discuss the problems of the six-part story, William Hartnell's extra-strength flubbing and the way everyone seem to let the show down during this story. It's an extra dose of difficult black & white Doctor Who that cannot transcend the era in which it was made.

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Tread Perilously -- Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

Tread Perilously returns to Doctor Who! But to begin another set of episodes with the famous Time Lord, Erik presents Justin with the 50th anniversary special, "The Day of the Doctor." Intended as an example of treading safely, the special may not have been a complete success.

The Doctor must face his past (literally) when his incarnation from the Time War must make the ultimate choice to end the war and destroy his home planet. Also, David Tennant's Doctor joins in as he remembers that terrible day.

Justin and Erik discuss its suitability for new viewers, the presence of John Hurt as the War Doctor and the Tenth Doctor's ego. They also consider the problem of the Time Lords as a story concept, the nature of time travel and the strange predicament of regeneration. Christopher Eccleston and Paul McGann are missed.

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