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Tread Perilously

Jun 8, 2023

Tread Perilously's tour of modern Syfy and fantasy continues with The Magicians episode "Cheat Day."

Quentin Coldwater's administrative punishment -- a desk job in a mundane office building -- gets upended when he encounters fellow magician Emily Greenstreet. Exiled to the office park sometime earlier, it becomes clear her interest in Quentin is more than physical. Will he enjoy the attention or will it lead to more visions of his dead girlfriend? Meanwhile, Penny is sent to Antartica, where exiled Professor Mayakovsky may be able to restore the magic in his hands. Also, Eliot faces a peasant revolt in Fillory and a crisis of conscience.

Guest star Abby Miller earns MVP status even if Erik forgets her name once or twice. Justin finds lots to like in the world building. The profanity on display, though, surprises the pair. They also try to determine if Julia and Kady are a couple. A Green Lantern discussion breaks out. Star Jason Ralph gets positively compared to Charlie Hunnam and Jason Behr. An appearance by Michelle Harrison leads to more gripes about The Flash. Justin tries to work out the ongoing story from the episode and Erik declares Quentin's dead girlfriend the seventh Cylon. Justin recalls the film Dead Again and the loss of helium becomes an issue.