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Tread Perilously

Apr 15, 2021

Tread Perilously's month of Doctor Who adventures continues with the 1974 story, "The Ark in Space."

When Harry hits the wrong switch on the TARDIS console, he, Sarah, and the Doctor end up on Nerva Beacon, a space station returning to Earth orbit after thousands of years. Its purpose: to repopulate the planet after it...

Apr 8, 2021

Tread Perilously's Doctor Who month continues with the two-part New Series story "Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead."

When the Doctor receives a telepathic summons to help out at The Library -- the galaxy's largest repository of books -- he and Donna meet Professor River Song. The archeologist is leading...

Apr 6, 2021

Erik chats with Back to Back and Trekkies director Roger Nygard about his career, comedy, and shooting movies like Suckers and documentaries like The Nature of Existence.

Topics include the power of pre-sold movies in the 1990s, how he put the comedic element in Back to Back, and the way film distribution has changed in...

Apr 1, 2021

Tread Perilously celebrates its anniversary month with five weeks of Doctor Who! This week: "The Two Doctors."

When the Second Doctor is seemingly killed during a time experiment, the Sixth Doctor and Peri track down Jamie McCrimmon on a deserted space station. The path leads them to Seville, where hostile aliens have...

Mar 25, 2021

Tread Perilously closes out Sci-fi month with a look at the final episode of Falling Skies, "Reborn."

As the 2nd Mass marches toward the Lincoln Memorial, fates are decided, aliens are killed, and Tom Mason makes an important choice. What, you were expecting more of a plot synopsis? This is Falling Skies.