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Tread Perilously

Aug 26, 2021

Tread Perilously's Total Request Live 4 concludes with an episode of The Fall Guy called "That's Right, We're Bad."

Colt Seavers and Howie go undercover in a desert prison to find Animal, the only person who can clear the name of a parole-jumping man back in LA. Of course, things go sideways as the warden -- the only man who knows Colt and Howie aren't convicts -- ends up in a coma and his second-in-command turns out to be a real Buford T. Justice type. Soon, Colt teams up with Animal to stage a prison break and head back to LA to find Red Eye, the man who helped Animal with the original heist. Will Colt be able save the man who put him in this predicament? Do you even remember who that is?

Erik and Justin try to determine if Howie is off-brand Bruce Boxleitner or off-brand Duncan Regehr. They also get into the weeds with The Fall Guy's premise, Heather Thomas, and Starcrash. Justin acknowledged Burn Notice owes a lot to shows like The Fall Guy. Erik works the phrase "the unknown stuntman" into the discussion more than once. The pair decide Dengar is the Star Wars bounty hunter who spends a lot of credits at the strip club. Richard Kiel gets praised and, of course, a Geography Corner breaks out.