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Tread Perilously

Dec 8, 2022

Tread Merrily continues with The Facts of Life episode called "It's A Wonderful Christmas."

When Beverly Ann feels underappreciated by the girls, she wishes she never came to Peekskill. But it just so happens Santa Claus is hanging out at the center and grants her request. Now forgotten by Blair, Natalie, Tudy, Jo, Andy, and Pippa, she watches helplessly as their worlds implode because she wasn't there to do a handful of innocuous things for the girls and one vitally important thing for Andy. Will it be enough for her to reconsider her words or will she be forced to return to Appleton, Wisconsin?

Paul and Cory Cross the Streams' Paul Pakler returns for another Facts of Life episode. He immediately proves to be a big Frank Capra fan. Justin tries to figure out why he has warm feelings for the series. A Saturday Night Live sketch proves to be worthy of praise. Justin considers the three well-written 1980s sitcoms. 80s fashions are, of course, critiqued. Paul provides a surprising defense of the episode as a Christmas special. Justin's experience working in commodities proves useful. Paul notes the falling stakes of the program overall. Pippa proves to be a difficult addition and the actual shape of Mrs. Garrett's home/gift shop comes into question.