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Tread Perilously

Jul 30, 2020

Tread Perilously's Patreon request month winds down with a very special episode of The A-Team called "Labor Pains."

When the A-Team manages to lose Colonel Decker in a chase around the Central Valley, they hide out in a town under the grip of a local produce concern. Soon, Hannibal Smith learns the workers cannot can get their fair share or have the issues addressed by management. The A-Team springs into action as labor unionizers, bringing food to the workers and convincing them collective action will bring about positive change -- particularly as produce baron Ted Jarrett needs his crops picked before the rains come. Can the A-Team help the farmerworkers get their union recognized in time? And will B.A. Baracus build a produce gun?

Erik and Justin get lost when they realize episode co-writer Richard Christian Matheson is the son of acclaimed sci-fi writer Richard Matheson. Justin admits he was not allowed to watch The A-Team as a kid, and is surprised with its extremely pro-union message. The lack of prominent Mexican-American farmworker characters grates on Erik, though. Regan gets invoked once again. The pair tries to determine what the "Los Angeles Underground" really is and what crime the A-Team committed. Erik is surprised to discover "Howlin' Mad" Murdoch is an abrasive character. Both are surprised to discover Colonel Decker's second-in-command is played by Devil in a Blue Dress director Carl Franklin and Erik discusses the gleeful joy behind most Cannon films.