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Tread Perilously

Feb 28, 2019

Tread Perilously rounds out TGIF month with a look at the sitcom Step by Step, its pilot, and the second season episode "Double Date."

When Carol volunteers Karen for a date with a new kid in town, Karen freaks out as it will upset her score in the Most Perfect Couple contest. The new kid, surprisingly, does not shoot up the school when she tries to wriggle out of the date. Meanwhile, Frank and the other kids try to install an after-market security system in Cody's van.

Erik declares Sasha Mitchell as the series's MVP. Justin praises Staci Keanan. The pair also declare that Step by Step is, indeed, a sitcom, but also point out the sort of plots one would expect to see from a sitcom episode called "Double Date." Erik advocates for Jurassic Park to be taught in schools. Justin highlights a nerdy character who may or may not be the high school student body president. Erik and Justin pitch an alternate sitcom called "Rivals." Patrick Duffy turns out to deliver the worst performance, Geography Corner invades the discussion thanks to Step By Step's exterior shots and Justin picks a new "Best of TGIF" series.