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Tread Perilously

Sep 3, 2020

Tread Perilously's annual Star Trek month begins with a look at the Original Series episode "The Lights of Zetar."

Love blooms on the Enterprise as Scotty finds himself a lass. But will her sensitivity to a phenomenon the ship encounters while en route to Memory Alpha end his rare moment of romance? Also, will Captain Kirk abide not being the center of attention this week? And while we're asking questions, will Lt. Mira Romaine -- Scotty's girlfriend -- get manhandled once she exhibits signs of "space sickness?" Meanwhile, the space phenomenon shows signs of sentience, but its motives are unclear as its speech tends to sound like a mouth full of Pop Rocks.

Erik and Justin immediately talk about former Doctor Who Peter Davison. They also debate the merits of Star Trek: Discovery. The Southern California air threatens to strangle them both. A mention of episode co-writer Shari Lewis leads to the nearly forgotten Nickelodeon program Turkey Television; but, somehow, not to Lewis's most famous creation, Lambchop. Captain Kirk turns into a romance writer. Scotty and Kirk's patriarchal attitudes are criticized. Erik decries the need for strict series-to-series continuity. John Harrison gets a namecheck and Justin announces he will write a script requested by Patreon subscribers.