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Tread Perilously

Feb 14, 2019

Tread Perilously's examination of ABC's TGIF lineup continues with an episode of Full House called "My Left and Right Foot."

When DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler make fun of her feet -- which a shoe salesman tells them are slightly larger than average for a girl her age -- Michelle gets extreme anxiety; leading to stress dreams and a radical solution. Meanwhile, Uncle Jesse has to tell Becky that she cannot be part of his trio with Joey and Danny because her voice is terrible. Will he be able to teach her how to harmonize?

Sarah Madden joins Erik and Justin for a stroll down dim 1990s memories. Justin freaks out when he realizes Full House is a Dune-sized epic. Erik refuses to use Dave Coulier's catchphrase. Sarah schools Erik on his unkind use of "Yoko" as a verb. He conjures up memories of the short-lived sitcom You Again? while Sarah introduces an unseen terror lurking in Michelle's dream. Justin discusses the relative ease in changing a diaper. The team decides the Tanner mom is from Perfect Stranger's Mypos and died in a comical accident either involving a fat fryer or many goats. They also come to the startling realization that Dave Coulier's head does indeed look like a toe.