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Tread Perilously

Jun 3, 2021

Tread Perilously finally spotlights an episode of "Supergirl" as a month of Kryptonian-focused shows begins. This time, Kara Danvers sort of stars in an episode called "The Bodyguard."

When a would-be assassin threatens Andrea Rojas's life on the eve of the Obsidian North Platinum launch, Lex Luthor assigns Supergirl to be her personal bodyguard. Meanwhile, a newly unemployed Alex joins J'onn in the search for the assassin while Brainy -- now the sole Superfriend inside the DEO -- evades their request for assistance as he continues his plan to expose Lex. Will the assassin kill Andrea Rojas? Or will a successful save by Supergirl aid Lex's overall scheme?

Erik and Justin recall a time when Supergirl was a constant part of Tread Perilously chatter. Justin immediately finds new love interest William Dey a "3D printed" facsimile of a real one. The current state of the Arrowverse gets reviewed. Justin's wife provides an incredible comic book trope which applies quite well to shows like Supergirl and The Flash. Virtual Reality joins the list of well-known markers indicating a poor quality project. A discussion of the "Spock-Artax" Empathy Test leads to a surprising number of "You Might Be A Synthetic" jokes. The pair try to figure out why Lori Singer never had her moment and Supercorp becomes a key topic once again.