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Tread Perilously

Sep 1, 2022

Tread Perilously's annual Star Trek month begins with a look in on Star Trek: Discovery and its fourth season episode "All is Possible."

While the threat of the DMA looms, Discovery orbits Ni'Var ahead of the planet's return to the Federation. But as Captain Michael Burnham soon learns, the accord is in jeopardy. Will she be able to maneuver people and assets to save the Federation's most important political negotiation in over a hundred years? Meanwhile, Lt. Tilly helps out Starfleet Academy by taking some trainees on a team-building exercise, but it proves to be more than she expects when their shuttle crash-lands on an ice planet.

Erik explains his plan for an all Kurtzman Era Star Trek month. He also blames Bryan Fuller for some of Discovery's shortcomings. Justin reveals this episode broke his appreciation of the series. The lack of detail regarding Burnham's interests and hobbies proves to be a problem. Saru and Tilly continue to be favorite characters while the rest of the crew continue to be unknowable. Book's story is criticized while Tilly's drives Justin to distraction. Ni'Var president T'Rina and Saru, however, still prove charming. The cultural imperialism of the Federation is examined and Erik briefly imagines Dustin Hoffman in Death Wish.