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Tread Perilously

Apr 22, 2021

Tread Perilously's Doctor Who month continues with "The Pilot."

The Doctor's plan to live a quieter life as a lecturer at a British university (and guard a mysterious vault on the campus) is upended when his new pupil, Bill, discovers a puddle which may have absorbed her would-be girlfriend. Unable to resist the call to action, the Doctor once again shows off his brilliance and reveals to Bill the truth about the TARDIS: it can go anywhere in time and space. Will it lead to new travels with a new companion, or will his other mission keep him grounded on Earth?

Justin forgets Bill's introduction, but Erik is on the case to incept the proper details. Jokes are made at Steven Moffat's expense. A wild Matt Lucas appears, inspiring a discussion of British comedians and the creation of the "Ricky Gervais Scale." Justin learns a few more details about Susan and discovers she's a different character from Dodo Chaplet. A discussion of mediocre Marvel villains breaks out. Justin uses the term "public school" correctly. Erik takes a very long road to get to a certain Ice and Fire joke and the pair try to determine if Moffat's misogyny is on display in the episode.