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Tread Perilously

Feb 18, 2021

Tread Perilously's Blue Sky month continues with Matt Bomer and the White Collar episode called "Quantico Closure."

While Neal continues to work on the codex and romance Rebecca, Peter's ongoing grief about the death of an agent under his command comes to a head when his ex-girlfriend, Jill, comes to town. Both were at Quantico years ago, but split up for reasons unclear to Peter. But Jill needs his help to finish buying a codebreaking MacGuffin before private military contractors or a rouge state can get their hands on it. It all seems innocent enough, but Peter's wife Elizabeth doubts Jill's good intentions. Will any of this connect back to a carjacker using a stolen FBI badge?

Erik feels cheated because the "Previously on..." featured an otherwise absent Mark Sheppard. He also tries to guess the premise of White Collar and gets pretty close. Justin extols the virtues of Matt Bomer, leading to a new version of The Thomas Crown Affair for television. The quality of Tiffany Thiessen's character and performance proves to be a revelation. Justin speaks out against deviled ham. Kim Dickens proves to be a welcome guest star. Erik complains about the scene transitions and the pair stumble into "Chandler Bing's Law."