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Tread Perilously

Dec 24, 2020

Tread Perilously finally releases an episode on Christmas Eve Day with the Tread Merrily Christmas Carol finale: The Six Million Dollar Man's "A Bionic Christmas Carol."

Steve Austin's (Lee Majors) Christmas Eve Day plans are interrupted when he is ordered to inspect the Mars mission space module being built at Budge Industries. Steve soon discovers the boss, Horton Budge (special guest Ray Walston), is rather Scrooge-like in his appreciation of Christmas, safety tolerances on the engineering specs, and his nephew (special guest star Dick Sargent). Will Steve's bionics, and Budge's dependence on a mysterious liquid drug, give the situation a more Christmas feel?

Justin finally watches his first episode of The Six Million Dollar Man. He and Erik debate its political leanings and its hilariously dated title. Erik attempts one of his most obscure impressions ever. Steve Austin's mustache gets reviewed. The pair debate whether or not Walston brought his A-Game to the proceedings. WarGames is noted for its great research scene. Erik introduces the idea of Bionic Empathy. Justin decides he's a-ok with Ethan Hawke while Erik offers a differing opinion. They both agree on what Budge is taking for his unspecified illness, though. Knock-off Army Men come into existence and powdered soup mix makes another special appearance.