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Tread Perilously

Nov 17, 2022

Tread Perilously's month of prestige fantasy series dreams of The Sandman and the episode called "The Doll's House."

While taking a census of the Dreaming, Lucienne hears tell of a Dream Vortex that could threaten the whole of the domain and the waking world. Morpheus is already aware of the problem and learns it is focused on a human woman named Rose Walker. For her part, Rose is grieving the recent death of her mother, looking for her estranged brother, and on a flight to England to meet Unity Kincaid, who has her own reasons for finding Rose and her brother. Will all these confluences matter or is it more of Desire's petty scheming?

Erik and Justin immediately get lost talking about the original Watchmen and the Sandman comics. Erik recalls some of his comic book origins. An explanation of the Endless leads in strange directions. Accents are criticized. Justin finds fault with the actors playing Rose and Lyta. He also offers an odd alternative casting choice for Gilbert. John Galt turns out to be the truest nightmare. Yet more Andor discussion occurs. The pair introduce new rules for talking to certain writers. Philosophies are discussed and Gerd Shockley begins a startling transformation.