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Tread Perilously

Oct 31, 2019

Tread Perilously winds down Horror Month with its annual visit to Supernatural. This year: a Season 1 episode called "Bugs."

Sam and Dean's search for their father takes a detour to Oklahoma, where a housing development is plagued by a series of mysterious deaths. Sam almost immediately bonds with the son of the local land developer, while Dean expounds on the benefits of lying. The investigation leads them to an old curse and an insurrection of insects. Will they be able to save the land developer and his family or will the curse claim them all?

Erik and Justin define their roles on the podcast, but Erik declines to start his own line of Crystal Skull beer. Guillaume the Guillotine makes his debut. The pair discuss successful television duos. They also get lost discussing The Shield's Armenian Jesus. Justin outlines a version of Supernatural featuring Marcia and Jan Brady. Erik rails against tract housing. Supernatural's first season comes under the microscope while Justin tries to define good creature features. Jared Padalecki's babyface earns a discussion, as do the Winchester's Season 1 haircuts. Justin offers pick-up lines for the Brawny Man and the Pace Picante Sauce commercial suddenly matters again.