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Tread Perilously

Jul 21, 2016

With Justin and Erik away at Comic-Con, we present a special episode featuring a film -- which started as a television pilot -- Justin has been avoiding for decades ... Star Trek: The Motion Picture!

When an alien force of unbelievable destructive power threatens the Earth, Admiral James T. Kirk takes his sweet time getting a refit U.S.S. Enterprise out of dry dock to combat the new menace. His attempt to get the old crew together is successful when Spock joins them en route. But Commander Willard Decker chafes at being demoted to executive officer when Kirk takes the center seat. Will they solve the mystery of the alien death cloud before the Earth is sterilized? Will anyone look comfortable in those costumes?

Justin faces the endless special effects sequences and slow start of the film while Erik tries his best to defend a beautiful looking but poorly placed film. Justin learns that he has seen Persis Khambatta in at least two other films. The two also discuss the difficulties in converting a TV pilot script into a feature film. And while you might think a twelve-minute sequence in which the Enterprise leisurely tours the alien death cloud is excessive, it's right at home in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.