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Tread Perilously

Feb 25, 2021

Tread Perilously's Blue Sky month concludes with a look at Royal Pains via the episode called "Game of Phones."

When Paige plans a birthday surprise for Evan, he assumes Divya's sudden offer to fly everyone to Tuscany is part of the surprise. Things do not turn out that way as Paige gets stuck in New York and Divya finds a family drama of her own waiting at the villa of her mother's Italian boyfriend. Back in the States, Hank's attempt to help the O'Shea family takes a turn when Molly hitchhikes to her childhood home and Don experiences a heart attack. But will Molly narc on Hank's prescription drug habit?

Erik takes an early stance on Royal Pains as a whole. Justin tries to compare series star Mark Feuerstein to Psych's James Roday Rodriguez. The disbelief regarding the program's central location -- an upstate New York castle -- leads to an extended riff on the X-Men. It also leads to Erik taking a bold stance on Wolverine. Sunspot, Longshot, Maverick and Dani Moonstar also get a mention. The pair finally discuss WandaVision. Justin decries the hacky episode premise and both he and Erik heavily criticize the gift Paige actually planned for Evan. Also, will Erik ever say "hydrocodone" properly?