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Tread Perilously

Dec 29, 2022

Tread Perilously's new annual tradition -- looking at a new NBC series with Special Review Unit Captain Charlie Wright -- continues with the new Quantum Leap's first episode, "July 13th, 1985."

Decades after Dr. Sam Beckett disappeared in the Quantum Leap accelerator, Dr. Ben Song repeats the experiment for reasons he withholds from his team and his fiancée. Waking up to a mirror image that is not his own, Ben finds himself in the body of a getaway driver in the mid 80s. Soon, his fiancée, Addison Augustine, appears to him in the form of a hologram only he can see or hear. Together, they try to put right what once when wrong in the hopes it will allow Ben to leap home.

The filmography of director Thor Freudenthal gets examined as it contains some Full Peril surprises. Justin attempts to pull the premises of both Quantum Leap shows together. Erik's Uncle Junior leads to a running gag. Geography Corner centers on he LA locations failing to play Philadelphia. The name "Addison Augustine" proves a difficult addition to Quantum Leap lore. Erik calls out the new show for not using the old theme song. Charlie investigates the actor playing Addison Augustine. Other missing elements are addressed and Erik declares there are too many characters.