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Tread Perilously

Jun 15, 2017

Tread Perilously visits Emerald City with the musical episode Oz, "Variety."

When the prison puts on a variety show, various inmates lives are drawn into the world of song. Omar resists a "performance enhancing" drug for the show. Said realizes his own power trip is akin to a narcotic. One the Aryan Nation guys gets his teeth examined -- that's not a euphemism. Sister Pete counsels an inmate and learns why the warden tolerates certain forms of violence. Ryan arranges for an informant to lose an arm and Fr. Mukada is horribly burned. Dominoes fall as Beecher arranges to visit Keller. Meanwhile, one other man wants to sing.

Erik gets charmed by Lee Tergesen and J.K. Simmons' performance of "The Last Duet." Justin explains some of the various factions and history of the Emerald City inside Oz. The discussion gets derailed to talk about Rita Moreno, The Karate Kid Part II and Twin Peak's Doug Milford. Sparta once again comes up. Erik takes a bold stance against tribalism. Erik and Justin discuss how the musical interludes fail to work in the structure of the show. Erik guesses a prison break and reveals his dislike of actor Kirk Acevedo.