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Tread Perilously

Oct 6, 2022

Tread Perilously begins a month of Halloween episodes with a look at My So-Called Life's "Halloween."

Although discouraged in her own mind to wear a costume at school, Angela Chase ends up dressed a teen from 1963 -- the same year Nicky Driscoll supposedly died while trying to hang something from the rafters in the gym. Inspired by the story, Rayanne Graff convinces everybody (and Tino) to meet up at the school and do some sort of prank in Driscoll's honor. But when Tino fails to appear, she, Angela, and Brian Krakow invade the school anyway. And once inside, Angela comes face-to-face with Nicky Driscoll.

Justin wants to know more about Tino. Erik's dislike of Brian Krakow and Jordan Catalano re-emerges. He also admits to dating someone a lot like Rayanne Graff. Geography Corner centers on photogenic Los Angeles area high schools. Justin recognizes Lindsay Sloane in a small role. The pair also try to get back into 1990s speech patterns. Justin reveals an unlikely character as his favorite. Erik's habit of low-effort Halloween costumes comes up again. Justin tries to make sense of Brian Krakow. Both devise a new suburban thriller film for Claire Danes and the pushback against genuine emotions in the era gets examined or, like, something.