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Tread Perilously

Jan 14, 2016

Assignment: Miami continues with Erik and Justin watching the Miami Vice episode "The Cows of October." The vice squad brushes up against the high stakes bull semen trade, an FBI agent played by Harry Shearer, Cuban Intelligence and frequent vice informant Izzy. The bull sperm is auctioned, lost, and auctioned again as Izzy and Cowboy Calvin work to get a higher payout and Shearer's FBI man tries his hardest to keep miniature cows on US soil.

Erik and Justin discuss the surprise appearance by Law & Order's Dick Wolf in the credits, Erik's surprising knowledge of NBC TV shows and the very objective of television in the 1980s. The KBG's role in spreading conspiracy theories about the John F. Kennedy assassination may also come up.

Also, we'll be treading Who perilously again in March, so feel free to give us your suggestions for the worst Doctor Who episodes of each Doctor (except Paul McGann) at