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Tread Perilously

Jan 23, 2020

Shoduary concludes for Tread Perilously with an episode of How to Get Away with Murder episode called "I'm Going Away."

With her house burned down, the insurance payout frozen, one of her students dead, and a disciplinary hearing in her future, Annalise Keating goes home to Memphis. But the visit is fraught with tension as she tries to convince her mother to move into a nursing home. Meanwhile, back in Philadelphia, Keating's other students plan for futures both separately and together. But will their initiatives survive a surprise dinner with their professor?

Erik and Justin try to outline the precepts of "Manda-law" and how it relates back to Pedro Pascal. Erik immediately finds one of the characters utterly despicable. Justin tries to remember why the internet fell out of love with Matt McGorry. Hawaiian "Ass-Kicker" moonshine becomes the spirit of the episode. The show gets praised for using Benito Martinez, Esai Morales, and Jimmy Smits in one 42-minute period -- even though they only get one scene each. It, of course, leads to a discussion of The Shield. Erik makes some huge guesses about the show's premise and status quo. The campaign to get actors properly hydrated continues and Justin calls out "cook your own steak" restaurants.