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Tread Perilously

Oct 19, 2017

Tread Perilously visits Curious Goods for a TV Horror episode of Friday The 13th: The Series known as "Cupid's Quiver."

When Canadian Jack Marshak reads about a murder at a nearby motel, he sends Curious Goods owner Micki Foster and her milquetoast friend Ryan Dallion to collect a stature of Cupid spotted at the scene. Their investigation leads them to a local Canadian college frat house, where the statue ended up. But a wannabe frat brother discovers the statue's mysterious power: it will allow him to sleep with anyone he wants, provided he kills the person right after. So he sets his sights on a Canadian woman who resembles Robyn Lively. Will Micki and Ryan stop him in time?

Erik and Justin make a special point about episode director Atom Egoyan. They also make a number of jokes at Canada's expense. David Cronenberg gets pulled into the fray. They also explain how the show ended up being called Friday the 13th despite having nothing to do with the Friday the 13th film series. Justin points out that Tread Perilously is an "onion of nerdery." He also debates whether to introduce his daughter to Santa or the Krampus. Erik declares his hatred for white pizza while he and Justin stumble onto a pilot for "Cook Perilously." And yes, they got lost in the weeds again.