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Tread Perilously

Apr 6, 2021

Erik chats with Back to Back and Trekkies director Roger Nygard about his career, comedy, and shooting movies like Suckers and documentaries like The Nature of Existence.

Topics include the power of pre-sold movies in the 1990s, how he put the comedic element in Back to Back, and the way film distribution has changed in the last few decades. He also explains why comedians like Jake Johannsen and Bobcat Goldthwait end up in his films. He also discusses Michael Rooker, Daniel Benzali, Denise Crosby, and what it will take for Trekkies 3 to get made. Erik asks about the restoration of the first Trekkies and getting films ready for the 4K video future. Also, Nygard talks about booking Richard Dawkins for an interview.