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Tread Perilously

Jul 2, 2020

Tread Perilously launches into a month of Patreon requests with Eureka and the episode called "What About Bob?"

Sheriff Jack Carter is called to one of Global Dynamics' labs when a researcher goes missing. But he soon discovers the lab is a sealed biosphere and no one has been in or out in ten years! Both he and Allison Blake break the seal to enter the lab and learn the missing man has slept with every married woman in the experiment. Is mere infidelity the root cause of his disappearance or is some stranger science at work? The presence of a reptile man definitely suggests Jack has a bigger problem than low team morale.

Justin and Erik try to parse the generic nature of Eureka and why Joel Gretsch didn't get the lead part. The gentle nature of the town gets on Justin's nerves immediately. Erik reveals he watches commercials from the 1980s as comfort food. Justin notes Ronald McDonaldland is overrun with crime. Both extol the virtues of character actor Joe Morton. They also recall San Diego Comic-Con off-site activations and the arduous path to Nanda Parbat. Erik declares Sam Witwer as the Darth Maul and Justin uncovers why reptile mutation is the go-to genre TV trope for shitty people.