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Tread Perilously

May 20, 2021

Total Request Live 3 takes Tread Perilously to its first ever Doom Patrol episode, "Danny Patrol."

With the Chief still missing, Jane leaves Doom Manor and becomes the rom-com obsessed persona known as "Karen." Meanwhile, Larry and Cyborg receive a cake from Danny the Street, a sentient, genderqueer street who desperately needs the Chief's aid. Will they prove sufficient enough to help a thoroughly tired Danny repel an invasion by the Bureau of Normalcy? And will Cliff and Rita be able to bring Jane back up from the Underground before Karen can marry her milquetoast beau?

Erik and Justin almost immediately get lost in the weeds by discussing Orson Welles films, Escape to Witch Mountain, and various comic book adaptations. Both the Hydrox Effect and the Worf Effect get discussed. Erik also tries to introduce the "Darkman Effect." Justin gets lost in Doom Patrol's plot and the rat previously in Robotman's head. A surprise Geography Corner breaks out when the pair discuss Pink's Hot Dogs and Dog Haus. Justin takes issue with a show casting Matt Bomer and hiding his face. Erik plays a game of "Is it X-Men or Doom Patrol?" and the pair spend a lot of time on the karaoke sequence.