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Tread Perilously

Apr 29, 2021

Tread Perilously's Doctor Who month concludes with "The War Machines."

When the Doctor and Dodo land in 1966 London, he immediately senses a great evil in the newly completed GPO Tower. There, he discovers scientists working on WOTAN, a central processing unit for a system of networked computers across the globe. Soon, it becomes clear that WOTAN is sentient and has plans of its own by constructing primitive, Dalek-like War Machines to take control of the British capital. Will the Doctor, Dodo, and their new friends, Ben and Polly, be able to stop the mad computer, or will it assimilate "Dr. Who" into its plans?

Erik somehow avoids ever explaining why WOTAN calls the Doctor "Dr. Who." Justin seemingly enjoys a story starring William Hartnell even if Hartnell's Doctor isn't his favorite. Erik tries to explain Dodo's function and why a new producer would immediately replace her with the stylish Polly. Justin comes up with an interesting read of Ben. The pace is lauded, as is the location filming. Both recall the formation "Dalek Wings." They also try to figure out if Polly and Ben ever actually flirt. Erik gets lost in the British currency of the mid-60s and the pair memorialize "Gaz the Tramp."