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Tread Perilously

Feb 22, 2018

Tread Perilously concludes a topping month of Doctor Who with the 1920s themed "The Unicorn and The Wasp."

When the Doctor and Donna land in the English countryside, they find themselves guests of Lady Edison, whose quaint weekend party features a really special guest: Agatha Christie. But the frivolity is cut short when Professor Peach is found dead in Lady Edison's library. Soon, the Doctor assumes the identity of a Scotland Yard inspector with Donna as his plucky girl assistant. Their suspect list is large and the whole thing feels like one of Christie's novel. Is she the reason why the professor was killed with a length of lead piping?

Erik and Justin enjoy doing their terrible British accents while Justin explains that the titular Wasp is not a WASP. Although, the character is definitely passes for a WASP. Erik reminds Justin about the subjugation of India by the British Empire. He also predicts that people will mistake Johnny Weir the way they mistook Liberace. Justin believes all vicars participate in a boxing mach with Satan every Saturday. Erik reveals his appreciation of Tolkien's Ungoliant and coins the term "Mistress of the Kitchen." They also make another plea for a film based on the Ministry of Ungentlemenly Warfare.