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Tread Perilously

Dec 6, 2018

Tread Merrily begins three weeks of Christmas specials with the Doctor Who story "The Snowmen."

Despite isolating himself from the universe, The Doctor finds himself drawn to a mystery in 1892 London. He and a barmaid named Clara note snowmen appearing around the city are threatening people. Meanwhile, Dr. Simeon of the Great Intelligence Institute is planning to capture the ice form of a dead governess from a well-off family. The family's current governess also happens to be Clara. But what does she have to do with Oswin Oswald, a woman the Doctor previously met at the Asylum of the Daleks?

Erik and Justin attempt to piece together Simeon's family life. They also create Thaddeus Covington, Lord Berwick; the inventor of the Orphan Compressor. Erik extols the virtues of Sam Neill's performance as Damien in The Final Conflict. Justin nominates Karen Gillan for Queen of Scots. He also makes the argument for non-contemporary companions. Clara is deemed to be a better companion than Clara. Erik talks about his recent visit to the set of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The discussion leads to a critique of refusing the call to adventure and the difference between fridging a character and "barbecuing" them. Also, Justin pronounces his judgment on the Paternoster Gang.