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Tread Perilously

Apr 4, 2024

Tread Perilously returns to Doctor Who as Erik and Justin celebrate 90 years of Tom Baker. First up: Tom's debut story, "Robot."

As The Doctor comes to grips with his new incarnation, a string of curious thefts activates UNIT to investigate. But, somehow, the Fourth Doctor already knows the break-ins will allow nefarious individuals to make a disintegrator gun. Meanwhile, Sarah Jane Smith's visit to an advanced scientific think tank leads her to believe the group may have disturbing intentions. Are the two things related? And will The Doctor figure himself out in time to assist UNIT in stopping a giant robot? 

Justin and Erik witness as Tom Baker portrays The Doctor at his most "Tom Baker-ish." They also discuss the circumstances that led to The Doctor's regeneration. Tom in a UNIT story leaves Justin perplexed. The fascy antagonists, though, are quite clear to him. Erik discusses producer Barry Letts' place in Doctor Who history and why "Robot" serves as an epilogue to his era. Ian Marter's first appearance as Harry Sullivan gets examined. Hairstyles of Doctor Who and Star Wars are also discussed. Professor Kettlewell proves to be a memorable guest character for several reasons and Justin identifies a commonality between the Fourth Doctor and Bugs Bunny.