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Tread Perilously

Apr 25, 2024

Tread Perilously's annual Doctor Who month concludes with Tom Baker's final story as The Doctor: "Logopolis."

When The Doctor determines he must measure a real police box as part of a chameleon circuit fix, The Master springs a space-time trap on him. Meanwhile, newly hired air hostess Tegan Jovanka makes her way to Heathrow with her aunt Vanessa. Also, a mysterious Watcher observes as all paths lead to a motorway bypass some miles from the airport. Will Tegan find her way into the TARDIS? Will The Master get his revenge on The Doctor? And just who is the Watcher? All will be revealed. The moment has been prepared for, after all.

Justin is affected by the funereal tone of the whole story. Nevertheless, he is pleased to see Mrs. J in her first adventure. Tom's somber performance is critiqued. His treatment of Matthew Waterhouse on set also gets a discussion. Erik reveals his dislike of Baker's final Doctor costume. Block Transfer Computation gets a lot of mileage despite not making a lot of sense. Writer Christopher H. Bidmead's obsession with entropy becomes a recurring theme. Guest star John Fraser proves to be an MVP and a wild Star Wars topic pops out of the weeds.