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Tread Perilously

May 7, 2020

Tread Perilously hops aboard the Raza for a month of sci-fi shows set on ships and the Dark Matter episode called "Welcome to the Revolution."

Answering a distress call from someone they believe to be their old handler, Tabor Calchek, the crew of the Raza find themselves caught in a struggle between a group of colonists and the Traugott Corps security troops interfering with their plans to go independent. Six is inclined to offer aid while Two would rather move on. Meanwhile, back on the ship, the Android discovers Three's mysterious cargo and on Zairon, Ryo considers the best way to deal with his former allies.

Special Review Unit Captain Charlie Wright joins Erik and Justin as a sci-fi newbie. She tries to convert the story into familiar police procedural tropes and notes a certain limitation in the production values. Erik figures out the perfect way to determine if someone is a Star Wars fan. The new Dune also comes up. Everyone enjoys the bizarre timeliness of the episode and Dark Matter's socialist leanings. Charlie makes special mention of Android performer Zoie Palmer. The series' simultaneous serial and episodic natures proves to be a problem for the novice viewer and Erik spends a lot of time coughing in the background.