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Tread Perilously

May 24, 2018

Tread Perilously continues its latest Sci-Fi Month with its first look at the late 70s camp classic Buck Rogers in the 25th Century with the episode aptly titled "Vegas in Space."

When a crimelord's most valued data analyst is kidnapped, he offers Dr. Huer the secrets to the Draconians' anti-detection systems in exchange for rescuing her. Soon, Buck and Major Marla Landers (guest star Juanin Clay) are dispatched to the space station Sinaloa; a well known den of gambling and, apparently, human trafficking. Will Buck be able to save the analyst before Dr. Morphus the interrogator fries her brain? Will he decide to save sex slave Tangie from Sinaloa? Will he engineer a foursome before the episode is over?

Justin and Erik recast Gil Gerard's Buck Rogers as a pansexual adventurer; a reading the show sort of supports. Justin mistakes Buck Rogers for Ted Cruz during the credit sequence. Erik tries to explain the Gay Computer Council of the 25th Century. The Good Place gets a free plug. Tread Perilously all-star Richard Lynch returns dressed as Dracula in Space. Justin tries to determine if Buck slept with one of Lynch's goons. He also suggests every movie should end with Journey's "Anyway You Want It."