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Tread Perilously

May 11, 2017

Tread Perilously goes through the looking glass as Erik experiences his first episode of Alias: "The Nemesis."

When Sydney is alerted to the survival of Allison, her father also puts her in charge of Sloan as he continues his new double-agent status. In addition to this, she's ordered to track down a nuclear code skeleton key devised by a cartoonish looking Russian agent. Meanwhile, Allison and Sark are hired to kill the Russian Agent. It all leads to a hotel in Bulgaria where Sydney and Allison finally face off. What this has to do with Lauren's plot with Kurt Fuller is anyone's guess.

Erik and Justin use the episode to air criticisms of the current season of The Flash. Erik also points out shoulder hits are not deathblows on American television. Justin attempts to determine if the Spice would allow the Highlander to procreate. Erik criticizes the action scenes and tries to remember the Stoors of Middle-earth. Justin reveals his Invisible Child/Alias fan theory and explains the scope of the show via memory loss. Erik's terrible Russian accent leads to an amazing journey. He also learns the awful truth about Red Matter.