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Tread Perilously

Nov 26, 2020

Tread Perilously concludes its Grab Bag All-Stars month with a helping of turkey from 7th Heaven's final season: an episode called "Thanks and Giving."

In the midst of their return from Scotland, Ruthie's ill-chosen words at a New York airport lead to the Reverend, Annie, and Ruthie answering questions from the TSA and the New York Port Authority. They miss their flight back to Glen Oak and someone learns a lesson or something. Meanwhile, Lucy charges Jane, Margaret, and T-Bone with getting the house ready for her parents' return. Will they manage to whip up a relaxing Thanksgiving for the beleaguered Camdens?

Justin finally meets T-Bone. He also laments the absence of Camden siblings Mary and Matt. The presence of Parks and Recreation's Millicent Gergich -- or the actor who played her, anyway -- leads to some election-results-powered conversation. Erik recasts Star-Lord and reveals he had the Time Stone. Digressions persist as Justin attempts to avoid talking about 7th Heaven. He comes to believe Ruthie also hates his guts. Television institution Edie McClurg makes a special appearance. Erik reveals his John Hughes movies hot takes. Justin tries to figure out why Haylie Duff is in the episode, and Lucy's character arc gets more consideration than it deserves.