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Tread Perilously

Nov 22, 2018

Tread Perilously once again observes Thanksgiving with an episode of The WB's long-running family drama 7th Heaven. This year's episode: "Last Call for Aunt Julie."

Reverend Camden's sister Julie comes to Glenoak for a family Thanksgiving. She's all smiles and jokes, but something seems off. Her long term boyfriend stayed back East, she expresses displeasure with her life and career to Annie, and Simon notices she drinks a lot of wine. Annie, being Annie, noses into Julie's affairs and discovers her drinking problem just as she tries to throttle Simon for the key to the family wine case. Will the Reverend and his family offer Julie aid or will they let her rot on the street? It could prove to be their toughest Thanksgiving yet.

Erik and Justin discuss the difficulties in casting Wolverine and Clive Owen's American accent. Justin tries to determine what is really wrong with Lucy. Erik endeavors to recall what one could do with $40 in 1996 money. He also reminisces about cheap store brand liquor. Both dissect the majesty of Airplane!'s "drinking problem" joke. Justin declares Erik the classier of the Tread Perilously duo. A new round of Secret Drifter leads to a surprising revelation and Erik outlines the five stages of the TV drunk.