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Tread Perilously

Apr 22, 2015

The Satellite Show celebrates its second year of podcasting with recollections of the 80s, televangelists and siscon. Wait, really? We're talking about siscon? Elsha and Dave make their show debuts as we also acknowledge a Star Wars movie is coming and Elsha explains her excitement about it. Dante and Erik argue over the merits of Barbara Gordon and Justin loses his mind during a screening of that infamous Sizzler promo tape. This month's Yakmala film is the one that started it all: Gymkata. Host: Erik. Panel of Experts: Dawn, Clint, Justin, Dante, Dave, Elsha.

Also: Support Clint and Dawn's Kickstarter! They're working to publish a trade paperback collection of their webcomic, Zombie Ranch, so open your hearts and open your wallets and give. Go to for more information!