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Tread Perilously

May 19, 2022

Tread Perilously's Backdoor Pilot month continues with an episode of Who's The Boss? called "Charmed Lives."

Angela heads out to San Francisco to deal with the Vionelli Foods account. She thinks she's found the perfect "Princess" Vionelli in the form of Joyce Columbus (special guest star Fran Drescher). But when Mr. Vionelli catches sight of would-be photographer Lauren Sullivan (Donna Dixon), the plan changes. Will Joyce be able to win back the contract, the clothing stipend, and the apartment? Or will she and Lauren figure out a way to share the charmed life of Princess Vionelli? Also, will the story be strong enough to launch a series of its own?

Erik and Justin immediately get lost in the racism of H.P. Lovecraft and imagining the Italian Elder Gods. The derailing continues with discussions of the new Kids in the Hall and the Fourteenth Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa. Erik's recollections of Drescher trying the "Charmed Lives" pilot three times leads to a hypothesis about her eventual success. Justin offers an unfavorable evaluation of Dixon's performance. Credited episode writer Paul Haggis comes into sharp focus as certain shortcomings are analyzed. Justin casts Drescher in a 1980s Harley Quinn film and a beloved Disney character makes an unexpected appearance.