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Tread Perilously

Oct 7, 2021

Tread Perilously launches into a vampire-infused Horror Month called "Creatures of the Night" with its first ever episode of What We Do in the Shadows -- the low-rated "Ghosts."

When Lazlo discovers symmetrical book-stacking of his sacred writings, Nadja declares a ghost is present. She organizes a seance only to discover the ghost is the latest incarnation of her often-reincarnated lover. The discovery of a true ghost leads the others to question if they themselves have ghosts since they are technically dead. A second seance provides the answer and a launchpad for comedy as the housemates discover their own disembodied souls.

Erik braves the first of four vampire weeks despite his well-known dislike of the character type (Aro notwithstanding). A new theory about Parks and Recreation emerges. Justin comes through with all the key factoids about What We Do In The Shadows and vampire fiction. Erik reveals some of his controversial opinions. An Alternative Factor moment conjures up memories of Bane and a reason for his disappearance. The new Babylon 5 gets briefly discussed. Erik does find things to like, though, and the vampire roots of Tommy Wiseau come back into play.