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Tread Perilously

Aug 11, 2016

Tread Perilously makes for the Ghost Woods as we take on the worst episode of Twin Peaks: Episode Nineteen, aka "The Black Widow." It's part of the "James leaves town and ends up in a film noir" storyline, but this one has an extra helping of non-action.

While James continues his sojourn down south, Cooper looks into his real estate options. Mike Nelson faces Nadine on the wrestling mat and Bobby Briggs faces Ben Horne's nervous breakdown. He might also take photos of Hank Jennings' meeting with the evil mountie and Jean Renault. The Widow Milford may have killed the mayor's brother with sex, but nobody except the mayor seems to mind all that much. Dick Tremayne thinks little Nicky might be the devil and Coop gets some new info on the people trying to set him up. Audrey appears in this episode, honest.

Justin and Erik relive the horror of James' storyline and Erik defends the presence of Dick Tremayne. Both agree that Chris Mulkey and Sherilyn Fenn deserved far better careers. They also discuss the slightly uncomfortable presence of David Duchovny in a skirt and the many layers the show utilized. A conversation about the upcoming third season leads to Erik's misgivings about the revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000.