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Tread Perilously

Oct 21, 2021

Tread Perilousy's "Creature of the Night" month moves to the swamps of True Blood for its reviled series finale, "Thank You."

As the Hep-V continues to ravage Bill's body, he asks Sookie to use all her faerie powers to end his life. Sookie, of course, needs to think about this for a number of reasons. Jessica and Hoyt tell Bill about their rekindled flame and it leads to an impromptu wedding. Jason, somehow, does not sleep with Hoyt's ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Eric and Pam plot their final move against Mr. Gus and pronounce final judgment on Sarah Newlin.

Erik once again watches the last episode of a series first. Will his opinion line up with True Blood fans? Justin tries to recall relevant details about the characters, but also recounts his own viewing habits when the series was on the air. Who's The Boss's Tony Micelli gets re-framed as a serial killer. Deborah Ann Woll and Carrie Preston turn out to be the episode MVPs. Justin tries to outline True Blood's original sin. A brief discussion about The Batman trailer breaks out. Bill's accent gets explored. Justin attempts to re-imagine True Blood with a different tone and liquified sugar-free gummi bears come into play.