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Tread Perilously

Jan 13, 2022

Total Request Live 5 continues with Justin's first episode of Titans -- "Nightwing."

With most of the team back in San Francisco, Deathstroke makes good on his promise. Will Dick Grayson arrive in time with a new costume and a plan to stop the notorious terminator? Meanwhile, Cadmus unleashes Connor at a carnival supposedly taking place at Golden Gate Park. Will he and Gar end up part of the LexCorp quarterly report? Also, what of Kory's sister, Deathstroke's children, and the Batman? And will a sudden misfortune crush the momentum of the team just as they finally start working together?

Erik and Justin immediately try to recast the 2000 film Dungeons & Dragons. Justin also tries to recall Minka Kelly's height. Erik defends the brief appearance by Esai Morales, even if he has little to do in the episode. Both get lost talking about The Harkonnens. Comic books of the 1990s come into play. Roy Harper is once again declared the most useless man in the DC Universe. Justin's perception of HBO Max sets up Titans for a fall. Wigs get criticized. Camp Cretaceous proves to be Justin's favorite Jurassic Park. A San Francisco Geography Corner breaks out and the Vincent Thomas Bridge gains a new significance.