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Tread Perilously

Feb 11, 2016

Tread Perilously makes its first foray into that stalwart series of the supernatural -- The X-Files. Erik and Justin take on the season seven episode "Fight Club," featuring two Kathy Griffins, Sergeant Michaels from 7th Heaven and the belief that wrestling is real. Mulder and Scully get called to Kansas City when two field agents and a couple of Mormons (or Jehova's Witnesses) inexplicably try to kill each other. It leads to ill-defined ideas about doppelgangers and fraternal siblings with psychic powers.

Erik and Justin recall what Fox looked like in its early years with its reliance on three good shows and many short-lived series featuring Paul Rudd. Both admit to being into the UFO phenomenon in their youths and while one likes The X-Files because of it, the other is rather lukewarm on the program.