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Tread Perilously

Jan 26, 2023

The final Patreon request of January takes Tread Perilously to an episode of The Librarians called "And The Fables of Doom."

The Librarians make their way to the Pacific Northwest when a seemingly ordinary bridge accident leads to something decidedly out of the ordinary: a bridge troll. But the creature is just one aspect of a decidedly weird town where the sheriff is getting more wolfish by the day, Bo Beep has lost her sheep, and the mayor goes for his morning job sans tracksuit. Jenkins begins to suspect a certain magical object as the cause of the problems -- will it absorb the other Librarians into its realm of stories?

Erik and Justin immediately get derailed by discussing Evangeline Lilly's latest career move. They also laud Librarians stars Rebecca Romijn, John Larroquette, Lindy Booth and episode director Jonathan Frakes. Frank Miller gets raked over the coals for certain contributions to culture. The pair try to figure out The Librarians premise from the episode and their limited knowledge of the prior Librarian TV Movies. The connections to Leverage and Star Trek are discussed. Night Court is also referenced. Naturally, a Star Wars detour happens. Erik finds a place for The Librarians in the TV landscape and Merlin appears to say his famous Excalibur line.